Our Story: The Birth of Masterminds & Mimosas, LLC

Our owner absolutely loves going to brunch with her friends and family. With plenty of laughs, great conversation, delicious food, and mimosas to top it off, brunch is always a guaranteed good time.  

Mariama prayed for guidance on doing something that aligned with her passion, but was also greater than herself. The concept for our company came to her in the middle of a dream, and she woke up to draw out what it would look like. After a routine girl's night with her best friend Amanda, they spent the next morning discussing their dreams and goals (which was a habit of theirs every time they got together). Mariama showed Amanda the illustration of her vision  (pictured below), and Amanda instantly fell in love with the idea. 

While discussing with Amanda ways to bridge together Mariama's love for brunch, passion for empowering women, professional expertise, and artistic ability, Masterminds & Mimosas, LLC was born on May 7, 2016 in the middle of her living room!

Our Founder and Owner: Mariama N. Nagbe, MSW


Souled Out for Christ. Social Change Agent. Scholar. Sophisticated.

Mariama Nagbe is a proud native from Detroit, Michigan and alumna of the University of Michigan. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, two Master’s Degrees in Social Work and Higher Education, and will begin a doctoral program in Higher Education Leadership at the University of Texas at Austin in Fall 2017. She has dedicated her life’s work to helping others reach their goals and advance in their academic, personal, and professional endeavors.