Individual Spotlights give you peace away from the chaos. 

Your birthday should not be the only time you are celebrated. We gather a small group of your closest friends in one room to affirm, uplift, and honor you as a wonderful woman of power. Our Individual Spotlights are brought to a venue provided by you. We suggest selecting a space (such as your home or office) that is comfortable for you and your small mastermind group to bond on a deeper level, as they celebrate who you are. 

Event Description: Individual Spotlight

The woman being spotlighted will work with one of our highly skilled event planners to create an experience that is tailormade to suit her empowerment needs. With your small mastermind group (up to 5 people), Individual Spotlights focus on empowering one woman who is in need of:

  • Being pushed out of her comfort zone to pursue her dreams
  • Declaring her dreams vocally and being held accountable to make them come true 
  • Expanding herself holistically
  • Finding and pursuing her purpose in life
  • Getting unstuck by moving away from complacency 
  • Motivation to finish something she started, or to start anew
  • Overcoming obstacles: fear, depression, anxiety, insecurities 
  • Reinventing herself or any areas of her life
  • Strategizing how to move through a season of transition
  • Support for making an important decision

Rates for Individual Spotlight

30-Minute Consultation (free)
Complimentary phone conversation to learn more about what you envision for your growth and development, and discuss the services we provide to bring your goals to life!

Limit: One Complimentary Consultation Per Potential Client. Must Complete Booking Request Form To Qualify.

Event Pricing
$100.00 per event includes:

  • 2 hour event
  • Inspirational t-shirt for the host
  • Personalized empowerment jar
  • Blushing mimosas (non-alcoholic)
  • Event agenda that is 100% focused on the host
  • Personalized digital invitations to send to the host's mastermind group
  • Ongoing consultation with our event planner until the end of the event


With our skilled empowerment event planners, the possibilities of your potential are endless!